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At KiweSpot we believe sharing is caring. From time to time we will share and discuss the Wi-Fi issue, latest Wi-Fi news, Wi-Fi solution, Wi-Fi case study, Wi-Fi tricks and all about Wi-Fi topic you can think of. We will bring up the Wi-Fi topic as relevant as local Malaysia market. Hope you find this blog useful.


The forgotten of Public Wi-Fi Internet Access

When talking about guest internet access like Wi-Fi hotspot, the services owner tend to require a fancy captive portal, logon page, pre-login page, guest page (or whatever you call it) to perform something ‘personally’ they intend to.



So Call WiFi Heatmap?

What I going to show you next definitely is beyond a WiFi heatmap. WiFi signal is something that we cannot see and feel. In fact, our life becoming more and more depend on something we cannot see and feel. Do you ever wonder how actually the WiFi look like? Sound ridiculous? Yes, it is ridiculous!



Wi-Fi Signal penetration

For the usual location, which location will give more challenge to Wi-Fi penetration? School? Office with full furnish? Factory with a lot of machinery? Warehouse with ton of item? Even library full of book???



Step by step to crack Wi-Fi WEP encryption

For your information, WEP encryption is totally no safe at all! It can be crack within few minutes time with little effort only. WPA & WPA2 tend to have higher grade of security because you might need to match the sniff packet with the dictionary (database of all the password possibility). Perhaps, it is a 50GB text file or 100GB text file, who know?



802.11ac in Malaysia for year of 2014

802.11ac is a new Wi-Fi standard announced in the year of 2013.It is a standard which can offer you so called Gigabits high speed Wi-Fi networks. For the very first time the Wi-Fi speed is more than the normal traditional wired Gigabits port.


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