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At KiweSpot we are solution pusher, not the box. We will make sure all the solution sold is properly implemented and supported. So, this make us stand out from the rest of competitor.

Wireless Connectivity

If you allocate too many access points it will cause noise environment with unstopped RF interference. On the other hand, if you allocation unsufficient access point then you will get unstopped complaint from you user with limited signal strength. Balance allocation of access point throughout an area is the exact answer on this.

A good plan must work out to have a balance amount of access point. Finally, you need to balance in between expenses, signal strength and Wi-Fi throughput. We help you to define the balance here and this is the key differential in between us and other market player.

Wire Connectivity

Normally, people will tend to neglect the most essential element of a network. This is simply we take it for granted. Without excellent wire connectivity as fundamental, everything run on top of that will ruin. We are the planner for a great wire network, troubleshooter for problematic wire network and executor for a complicated wire network.

Experience Planner & Consultant
Detail Troubleshooter
Skillful Installer & Executor

Internet Gateway

With limited bandwidth resources how we going to serve almost unlimited internet user? No matter how much of internet bandwidth you supply, there is always unsufficient for the users. They always want more simply because of media rich internet today. How we going to make sure that everyone have sufficient bandwidth allocation (usable bandwidth) with the limited bandwidth we have? A great internet gateway is the answer.

A great internet gateway offer you advanced bandwidth management features that work better than traditional rate limiting controls. It can distribute the bandwidth dynamically in real time based on the best scenario. This mechanism will function even with the bandwidth demand application like P2P download.

Besides that, flexible usage control, user location awareness, multiple login portal, auto re-login, HTTPS re-direction, PMS integration and lawful intercept are some of the key features that market require from a great internet gateway.

Our internet gateway solution are proven serve well with the below market.


Office, Warehouse & Manufacturing


Hotel, Cafe, Resort, Restaurant, Mall, Hypermarket & Stadium


International School & Higher Education Campus

Internet Service Provider

Carrier Wi-Fi & Mobile Data Offload

Network Security

Local market still lack of network security awareness. They think it is impossible for the hacker to look for them. For network intruder they only look for security loop hole and vulnerable.

So, one with less security defend system will have more risk. As a Wi-Fi solution company, we treat wire and wireless security equally important.

We have both wire and wireless security solution for you. As we believe, if there the network connectivity then there the security risk.

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